Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Bollywood Fashion

In this post, you will find latest Bollywood fashion or you can also say Celebrity Fashion. We always want to dress up like Celebrities. Through their dress up we come to know what's in and out in Fashion.

Celebrities play a vital role in our life. They are our inspiration. We follow celebrities style, clothing etc.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Wedding Dresses

Every girl wants to be look gorgeous. They always wants to be be look beautiful every time and every where. Girls are always crazy for there clothes, shoes, handbags, makeup and all..

And when its come to marriage they do all the best things to look beautiful and different. All girls are very Excited for her marriage or her closest relative marriage.

Mostly, girls are very confused for what to wear or what not to wear in marriage. This post will really give you a fabulous idea for design your own wedding dresses.

So what you are waiting for here are variety of wedding Dresses designs which you can design for your own marriage or for your nearest one.

In this post you will always find some new and unique wedding dresses.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Evening Gowns

Evening gowns or evening dresses or we can also say cocktail dresses are western outfit. Today most of the girls wear evening gown in occasion. Previously in India we call maxi to evening gowns. Evening Gown gives rich look to any one, Now a days designer evening gowns are favorite dress of every girl.

Generally an evening gown is up to floor length.

Some types of cocktail dresses are the following:
  • strapless long dresses
  • backless dresses
  • corset fitted evening dresses
  • and one shoulder evening dresses
  • And many more
In this post you will always find some new and designer evening gown which u can design by your own. You just have to buy fabric to your choice, select design from below images and give it to you tailor master.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Latest Saree Blouses

Saree is most elegant Indian Tradition outfit. Most of indian womens prefer to wear saree. Saree gives a rich look in any party.

Before wearing a sari you are expected to wear a crop top type blouse/hooked shirt. Some times we also call blouse as choli.

Generally the sari comes with the blouse material which can be stitched according to your bust size.

Today Blouses are stitched in different designs. Any one can wear simple saree with designer blouse and look pretty with these outfit. 

Here are some Designer Blouse designs which u can use when you are going to stitch. we ensure you you will always find some new designs of blouses whenever u will open this blog.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Designer Sarees

Saree is most elegant Indian Tradition outfit. Most of indian womens prefer to wear saree. Saree gives a rich look in any
Indian saree is an unstitched long piece of cloth usually five to six meters. Saree is wrapped around the body with one end tied around the waist and the other end called “pallu” neatly draped over the shoulder. Sarees can be draped in a variety of styles, with each style having its own uniqueness. The basic difference lies in the manner in which the pallu is wrapped.
Pallu is meant for show and thus is decorated beautifully. Sari is worn over blouse (also known as a choli). Underneath the sari one wears a Petticoat: – a waist-to-floor length skirt, tied tightly at the waist by a drawstring. Blouse saree are usually are in silk, cotton and velvet fabric. There can be different styles of blouse cuts like boat necked, square necked, blouses with straps. Since time immemorial, Sari has been the most popular costume. It is an ideal clothing for the Indian culture, religion and climate. And is preferred by the Indian women because of the elegance and comfort it offers.
Sari fashion highlights the beauty of women in the most graceful and natural manner. Indian saris maintains the very essence of our Indian culture. Indian sarees come up in a variety of sari fabric, exquisite styles, beautiful prints,exclusive embroideries like Zari, Resham, beadwork and studded stones with a palette of rainbow colors. Designer saree is very in. Sari is a dress for all seasons and virtually all occasions. Indian Wedding saris is a super hit among brides. It is considered to be the most perfect dress for the wedding day. When worn with proper fashion accessories and jewelry, Saris can do wonders to the charm of the bride. Sari is for all-purpose – party wear, daily wear, bridal sarees and so on.
This designs will help you to make your own sarees for wearing at any occasion. Many times in market we see same collection and get confused what to wear. This blog will help you to overcomes this problem.

Saree Cum Evening gown

Jeculine Fernandez in Indo-Western Saree 

A New Style to wear Saree

Awesome Lehnga Saree

TriColor Saree

This saree has three colors Mustard yellow, grey and printed flowers on pleats. This saree looking very different because it has border pattern at bottom, printed pattern at middle and combined with pure grey color on both the sides.

sweet saree
beautifull saree
White Net Saree
stylish (91)
Ever Green Mumtaz Style Saree
stylish (47)
Pink Net Saree
stylish (102)
Indo Western Saree
stylish (122)
Stylish Red Saree
stylish (139)
Valvet Pallu Saree
stylish (161)
Belt On Waist
stylish (275)
stylish (297)

Friday, 24 July 2015

Latest Indian Kurtis

Designer kurtis are a very good choice for any occasion,be it a festival or any casual function. Fine fabric is used to manufacture designer kurtis/tops. Delicate and intricate designs in designer kurtis adds an elegant and special touch to the outfit. The designer kurtis are most preferred by the fashion lovers. Highly renowned Fashion designers also give a special space to the these kurtis in their designer clothing. As the designer kurtis glorifies look of the wearer.
Kurtis are becoming so much in demand because these are very simple to wear and comfortable at the same time and can be easily carried with jeans, leggings, skirts, salwars, caprese etc.
These kurtis will never go out of fashion for sure and these outfits will never let anyone get unnoticed in the gatherings.
In this post you will always be updated about unique and designer kurtis so what you are wating for go ahead and take any of your choice and design it by your own fabric.

Georgette Red and Black Kurti
trendy kurta
Multi Color Embroider on neck and side of the choli makes kurti Pleasent and stylish.This kurti looks stunning because of its side up and down pattern. You can wear this kurti on any occasion.

stylish kurti (2)
Stylish Pleated kurti & a hand work patch on pleats make kurti so elegant & amazing..
stylish kurti
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trendy (204)
trendy (211)
3trendy (278)
trendy (286)

Thursday, 23 July 2015

One Piece Dresses

A Tunic is simply a loose piece of clothing usually without sleeves that reaches to the knees and that was worn by men and women. The style and appearance of the tunic has changed dramatically from the time it originated to how it appears today. While the tunic is not worn nearly as much as it was several thousand years ago, the style is still popular for some types of clothes.
There have been several different types of tunics over the centuries. While tunics evolved over time, there wasn’t much variation. The biggest differences in tunics were to be found in the tunics worn by people from different civilizations. The first tunics had a very simple design, and as time went on, the styles and colors changed to symbolize the status of the wearer.
Now a days girls and women wear tunics as one pieces dresses. Today Tunics becomes fashion of every girl and women.
In this post you will be updated about latest one piece dresses or Tunics.

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trendy (402)



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